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On Friday, February 10 the Sassoon Creative Team went live from Times Square in creating several detailed looks for three exciting young designers discovered on the VFILES platforms including the collections from Snow Xue Gao, Daniëlle Cathari, and Strateas Carlucchi.

Snow Xue Gao
BEAUTIFUL BEYOND BOYISH | To create an androgynous yet sophisticated look, the Sassoon Team, led by Creative Director, Michael Forrey started with a hyper-slick ponytail and coupled the look with a boyish faux fringe and an elegant sumo-knot.
Product | Sebastian Texturizer
Daniëlle Cathari
SLEEK AND SPORTY | Precise and strong middle partings coupled with super-sleek, straight-edge ends complemented the sporty yet feminine design from Daniëlle Cathari’s collection.
Product | Sebastian Texturizer
Strateas Carlucchi
THE LIVED-IN LOOK | For a textured head hugging look, serum was lathered on the roots to leaving the hair perfectly “lived-in."
Product | Davines This is An Invisible Serum

Photo Credit | Charles Schoenberger Photography