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Blow Dry

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The Knotted Twist

Spritz your hair with Sassoon Halo Hydrate onto damp hair. To create volume take the Sassoon Edit Body moose and comb through hair, this texture will help when blow drying and grip together the hair for the knotted twist.   
Make a side parting from the front right down to the nape of the neck. Spray your brush with Sassoon Motion Hold to secure your hair and create smoothness. Secure sections in place with a hair bungee. Next, divide the ponytail in half and knot all the way down, and secure at the bottom with a hair band. Wrap the knotted hair around the elastic band and secure in place with a Kirby grip.  Spritz again with Sassoon Motion Hold spray for a sleek finish and extra hold. Now repeat on the other side. 

A stylish and contemporary everyday look.