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The Look: Soft natural textures, ruffled with a matt finish.  
How: “Work with your natural texture, don’t fight against whatever it does” advises Grooming Expert, Michael Pilz. “Simply add a bit of wax, such as Sassoon Professional Texture Refine to enhance a lived-in, softer feel.  Style with your fingers – there’s no need for brushing, as this is a relaxed and easy maintenance style,” says Michael.
Hero products: Sassoon Professional Texture Refine
 Photo credit: Xander Zhou AW15  


The Look: Smooth, sleek and refined.
How: “To create a streamlined finish, sides and backs should be taken down shorter, with scissors for a softer and more refined finish,” says Grooming Expert, Safaa Elnour. Sassoon Professional Definitive Groom is great for completing a perfect, gentleman style. “Emphasis on shine and parting will appear to give a pure, sleek look,” says Safaa. Great to wear with a sophisticated yet modern wardrobe.
Hero products: Sassoon Professional Definitive Groom, Sassoon Professional Spray Shine
Photo credit: Nick Tentis SS14


The Look: Perfectly rugged, with a sense of urban cool.
How: Facial hair is everywhere, from the streets of London and New York to the fashion catwalks which states that facial hair is an important accessory for the modern man. “Work with what you have but remember suitability is important. A good beard doesn't just happen overnight, growing any kind of facial hair takes time and patience, and maintaining it requires lots of care. A good trimmer is essential to keep your facial hair looking neat and tidy,” advises Grooming Expert, Josh Gibson  
Hero products: Sassoon Professional Texture Refine, Sassoon Professional Edit Hold.

Photo credit: Foxhall AW14