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The Great Divide


The issue, many people find, is not knowing where or how to place the parting. 
Bruce Masefield, UK Creative Director, has a tip on how to find the most flattering point for your face: “Use a pintail comb and line it up with the highest point of your eyebrow to give the chicest edge to your look" he says. The key to keeping the look soft and delicate is in the hair texture, “It’s important not to be too careful,” explains Bruce, “This look shouldn’t look too styled.”


Step 1: Rough dry the hair and scrunch and twist it for body and texture.
Step 2: Blow-dry the front of the hair forward to create a sweeping look – you don’t want to create anything too dramatic, think soft and delicate femininity.
Step 3: Once 80% dry, spritz with a texture spray and divide hair into random sections.
Step 4: Using a large tong, wrap the random sections, leaving the very root and the ends of the hair free.
Step 5: A texture Spray, such as Wella Professional Ocean Spritz, will be your styling hero -  spray evenly through-out the hair again and tease the hair with your fingertips. The more you tease, the more it will add a matte, sexily ruffled texture to hair.
Step 6: Complete this look by loosely tying the hair low at the nape of the neck. Leave the hair soft and teased in places for simple elegance. Wisps of hair that escape around the hairline only add to the simplicity and flirtatious feeling of the look.

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