Our Responsibilities

Here at Sassoon, we take our responsibilities seriously. We’re fully committed to running an ethical business, and we’re serious about doing our bit to ensure that the hair & beauty industry is a fair one to work in, irrespective of gender, race or religion.

As part of our commitment to ethical business practices, we make every effort to ensure that we’re transparent and accountable. This page contains details of the policies, issues and drives that we prioritise, including:


We’re keen to make sure that our staff are safe to work in an environment that’s free of discrimination and inequality. As debate about the gender pay gap intensifies, we’ve made the decision to publish a full report showcasing the way that pay is balanced between the male and female members of our workforce. For full details of this report and its underlying methodology, please click here.


As part of our ongoing commitment to ethical business practices, we’re also working hard to ensure that our business does not inadvertently support modern slavery. To view our modern slavery statement, please click here.