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London Fashion Week

For the fifth consecutive season, Sassoon was delighted to support London based Canadian designer Edeline Lee. The presentation took place on Monday 16th September in a series of abandoned classrooms at King’s College, underneath Somerset House, London.

Leading the Hair Team was Sassoon Senior Creative Director, Damien Peers who explained that “the inspiration for the presentation was taken from Edeline’s early memories of playing the piano and a recent trip to Russia. She wanted the mood to be eerie, like a forgotten memory

Damien says, “To complement the bright, graphic and interesting juxtapositions of fabric and texture in the collection, the hair was parted into slick, graphic, triangle partings and painted white. The hair was gathered carefully into sleek, highly-polished, super-luxe ponytails. A small section of hair out of the ponytail was wrapped around the band and secured with a pin.  A combination of Sassoon Professional Spray Shine and Motion Hold was used for shine and definition to create a lustrously shiny look.”