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The Rouge SS24 collection from Sassoon takes inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelites of the Rossetti generation. It takes a fresh look at the romantic portraits of English, poet, illustrator and painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti and is also inspired by the poem “What is Pink” by English artist Christina Rossetti. These elements juxtapose with The Heroic Rose created in 1938 by Swiss-born, German abstract artist Paul Klee. The collection celebrates these three influential figures and their creative approach to art, love and life, in particular their work with design, drawing, painting and photography, reimagining and channelling their work to create today’s modern pre-Raphaelites, the new Rossetti’s.
The Cut and Colour techniques for the collection feature an array of lengths, shapes and textures based on Sassoon heritage and classic ABC techniques, including intricate details that create big, bold silhouettes with playful & dynamic interior lengths, personalised to the wearers grace and attitude. The colour techniques cover different shades of reds, graduating from cool to warm, dark to light, creating Harmonic effects that accentuate the three dimensional nature of the shapes.