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A Sassoon collection is always a statement, an amalgam of creative ideas that while each look is bespoke to the wearer, the underlying mood of the look always revolves around the ethos of the brand.

Sassoon have an approach that’s thoughtful, with regard to the method used in the construction of the look. It’s a concise style, intent on stripping away the superfluous to reveal the uniqueness of the individual.

The looks celebrate technical ingenuity and functional minimalism and are drawn from a wide array of sources. Hyper-wearable, super utilitarian cuts and colours that are cool and interesting, created with careful consideration to the wearer’s personal style.

“The collection “Mood” is a perfect distillation of our approach.” Says Mark Hayes Sassoon International Creative Director. “The Sassoon Creative team are exploring the exquisite tension between technique, the method to control hair and attitude, the way the hair looks when it is dressed the Sassoon way.”