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Graphic Bowl effects, bi-level layering and gently undercut gamine shapes are the latest reconfiguring of the classic Sassoon methodology and feature crafted lines, drawn so that they accentuate and delineate bone structure and use the face as an architectural frame.
Layers are cut to hug the head or flare into exaggerated length. Graduation provides support and structure in elliptical bands. Controlled freehand techniques are used to subtly break up the rhythmic nature of the shapes to provoke and distort.
These looks are inventive with a sensitivity for the individual, it’s hair with an innate quality, all of the things Sassoon believe in and stand for.


Colours feature extraordinary tiger stripes, geometric bar coding and avant garde halo and spiralled sectioning patterns, all in a palette that subverts the everyday. Tones of anthracite, blonde, chocolate and white weave in and out of each other in a precise way that echo Bridget Riley’s op art experiments or Lucio Fontana’s spatial concept work.
Tangerine orange and French navy interact in elliptical bands within a jet-black base, recreating a shimmering moon on water effect. Copper and violet tones interplay inside a halo shape. Flying colours are reimagined in a sombre Rothkoesque hue. These colour applications are as individual as the wearer.