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The looks for the collection are sharp in their execution and feature techniques of reverse layering and concealed panels that have become Sassoon classics. These techniques bring versatility and individuality to the shapes.

The ‘Nancy Kwan’ the seminal Sassoon bob, is redrawn for this season alongside ‘The Mouche’ the forerunner of all subsequent short layered shapes. The Box Bob is reintroduced in shades of navy and The Fall is deconstructed for a modern appeal. The shapes are dried with maximum shine and reflection, with a gentle cobweb of texture introduced onto the surface to suggest a gently relaxed attitude.

Bauhaus master Itten acknowledged, ‘Only those who love colour are admitted to its beauty and presence. It affords utility to all, but unveils its deeper mysteries only to its devotees.

Weaves and slices in Squares, triangles and trapezoid sections are placed strategically so that they diffuse through the modern geometric shapes. Large areas of monotones in a rich red copper, to a gentle strawberry and rose blonde. Chocolate browns and greys to a deep violet blue and kaleidoscopic root applications.